Twitter Quilt!

We’re thrilled to be in the latest (March/April 2018) issue of Quiltmaker!

Quiltmaker Twitter
Twitter, Found in March/April Quiltmaker

Pinwheels & birds! There might not be anything better!

This is a great, beginning appliqué quilt.

Find the pattern here, or get the whole issue here.


27 thoughts on “Twitter Quilt!

  1. Twitter is such a darling pattern. Couldn’t it be made with a charm pack or two or even a layer cake?

      1. Oh thank you so much. I bought your pattern, found all of the fabric needed as well as a charm pack. I’ll start it as soon as I finish the 3 quilts I’m working on now in two weeks. Thanks again.

  2. Hi, I’m making this cute Twitter quilt & having trouble understanding directions of how to join the Bs to the Pinwheel; top of pg 64. THanks, Carolyn

    1. I’m having the same problem. If I join the B’s as shown, with a 1/4” seam on each side of the pinwheel, then join the pinwheel block to the 4 1/2” square, the outward points of the pinwheel are cut off visually. There is no point. My pieces were all cut to the size required in the directions.

      1. Yes you are right. I was confused as well, but the points are cut off. The pinwheels are not pointed. I also change the pattern and put 5 birds instead of 6…they looked a little crowded to me. And I put about a 1 inch white background border around the outside of the outer pinwheels. That way the pinwheels didn’t go into the printed border. I liked the look better. I can send a pick of mine if I can figure out how to send it in this blog. Lol do you know how? Or email me and can send it that way. I love how mine turned out!

      2. Thank you to Rosie, who responded to my message. I can picture in my mind what you did, and it sounds like the way to go!

      1. Cutting off the points feels like a mistake to me…contrary to 40 years of quilting. Shiver!

  3. I recently purchased this pattern download from Quilting Daily. The pattern tells you to refer to a book/magazine for making the triangle squares. I do not have this book. I know there are many ways to make them, but I want to use your method to insure that the triangle corners will fit correctly. Can you share the method please? Thanks in advance

  4. Hi, I bought the pattern and am getting ready to do the applique. I have 2 bird patterns. Do I just mix and match. The directions suggested to look in basic lessons for “fusible applique” but I can’t find that on the website. Could you help?

    Thanks Maria

    1. Yes I only made 5 birds because 6 looked too crowded for me. I cut two out of one pattern and three out of the other. Also you can turn the pattern at a different angle and it will look slightly different. I love how my quilt turn out! I changed a couple other things as well. If you send me you email I will send you a pic.

  5. Hi Maria,
    I just bought this adorable pattern, question is if I cut 4×4 sq for the pinwheels and 4.5×4.5 for the piecing, it won’t line up? I don’t want to cut yet

    1. I will check my pattern in the morning to refresh my memory. Then I will let you know.

    2. I’m having a problem with the dimensions of the pattern. The instructions tell you to cut the pinwheels 4 x 4 and then it tells you to trim it to 4 1/2 x 4 1/2. I don’t understand. On pg 4 #1 & #4???

  6. I had the magazine. Tore out pattern and got rid of book……moving and had to cut down. Getting ready to make the birds this week. problem is, it says Triangle Squares ?? on page 21? I don’t have the book anymore….help, want to get this made soon. Thank you

    1. I can help you. Would you be willing to call me and can read what my pattern says. It’s a pdf on my iPad so I can look at it while I’m talking to you.

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