Quilt Market Recap 2018

Almost 3 months late…. we’ve been (thankfully & happily) so busy!

It was our first time in Portland, and we absolutely adored everything about it, especially the cool, overcast weather- we are missing that lately!

It took us a long time to set up the booth. We always scale out our booth and have a precise plan, but for whatever reason, it just didn’t quite come together and we had to move quilts around so it looked “right”. The biggest change was moving our llama quilt so it was draped over the fantastic wheelbarrow thing we found. This led to us personally showing it off frequently, and watch everyone bust up laughing, because it is the greatest pun we’ve ever come up with:


Justin Bieber would be a fan, I think.

My favorite part about this whole quilt is the llama’s little bird friend. I mean, come ON.
We’d add a bird to everything. It’s a running joke between the two of us, so now we actively look for places to add random birds.  I like it.

But anyway, we were happy to be close to lots of fun and delicious restaurants, and we had a lot of fun playing in the city-  uber-ing around everywhere, ordering pizza at 2am, and waking up at 5am because I couldn’t sleep and somehow *not* watching the royal wedding (I don’t know how that happened either!), walking to voodoo doughnuts, which we had no idea existed in not the best part of town, but we throughly enjoyed eating 13 ridiculous doughnuts that night. Also, Portland seems like a Pepsi city, so we were missing Diet Coke a tiny bit.



We found the cutest sign company who did a lovely job making our logo come to life and it was definitely one of my favorite parts of our booth this year.


We had a lot of fun designing our quilts to coordinate with each other this year because we are naturally drawn to blues/greens and once we designed the main back wall quilt, everything else came together quickly.

C’est La Vie Retail: $16 (Small) and $36 (Large)

Two sizes available for this beauty! Also, we loved this bird so much we made a small wall hanging too.

IMG_0372 2
Early Bird Retail: $10

The number of new quilts/patterns we did specifically for this booth was incredible (9!), and it’s sort of amazing we pulled it off. Thank you, always and continually, to our quilter who rush quilts everything for us all the time 🙏

Wonderland Digital
Wonderland Retail: $18


Frolic Retail: $16

So much floral motif this year- which means everything was juuuust the way we like it😉

This was an old pattern, but we loved it so much we re-made it in new (matching) fabrics.

Spring Morning
Spring Morning Retail: $16
Chirp Retail: $12

The best part of every market is connecting with so many amazing people. We love the energy, finding new cool things (these are our new fav find!), and laughing with each other so much that our abs hurt. We are always so overwhelmed by the sheer number of gorgeous booths and talented people.

quilt market 2018

New patterns can be found here- these are links to PDF copies- print from home and get started right away! Check your local quilt shop for paper copies, and email us at meagsandme@gmail.com if you’re interested in wholesale.

Llama Llove



C’est La Vie (Full Size)

C’est La Vie (Wall Hanging/40″ Size)


Early Bird

Spring Morning

Gnome Rice Bags