(Temporary) Free Pattern!

With the quarantine situation from Covid-19, we’re cooped up at home too.

For the next two weeks, you can download our Chirp pattern FOR FREE here (CLOSED)

Chirp Retail: $12

It’s an easy appliqué, hand-embroidery quilt that can easily be made with scraps. Better too, it’s a great spring/summer quilt that will be sure to cheer you up for the next little while.

We loved working on this one & know you will too! Use #meagsandme on instagram to share your progress pics!

Most importantly- stay safe everyone!

6 thoughts on “(Temporary) Free Pattern!

  1. Thanks SO much!! This is just too darling….and it will keep these hands of mine ‘creating a little beauty’ to offset some of the angst.

    joanne wallace


  2. Just discovered this website. Is the Chirp pattern available to a retail customer? And if so. Where could I buy it?

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