Secret Garden Collection

We are so excited for our first fabric collection, Secret Garden, with Clothworks.

It’s a beautiful mix of muted blues, greys, and greens with florals and birds. So naturally, it’s our favorite.


It’s right on the line between whimsical and serious and we had a lot of fun designing this line and working on the coordinating patterns.


Windmill copy

Oh Henry
Oh, Henry Retail: $14
Me Without You
Me Without You Hand Embroidery Retail: $16 CDROM Retail: $45
Leafy Treetops
Leafy Treetops Retail: $16
Frolic Retail: $16


We are also happy to say we’ve started machine embroidery, and the Me Without You is available in both the hand and machine patterns!

Patterns can be found at your local quilt shop! They’re also available as an instant download here:


Me Without You Hand Embroidery

Leafy Treetops

Oh, Henry 


5 thoughts on “Secret Garden Collection

  1. I am not on Twitter or Facebook and don’t know how to send you a message
    Please send me some contact information

  2. Have theater If you look the right way you can see that the whole world is a garden. Do you use double thread sulky or single strand?

  3. I have a hand work piece called “If you look the right way you can see that the whole world is a garden.”
    I need the instructions for this piece. I need to know if you use two strands and do you use a running stitch or a back stitch?

    1. Hey! Sulky 12pt weight (cotton petites) is equivalent to two strands of most embroidery flosses (like DMC) we used just 1 strand for everything except the “if you look the right way” part- which we did use 2 strands. The words are all back stitched. Hope that helps! Thanks!

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