Ten Sister’s Easy Piecing Grid Tutorial

Ten Sister’s Easy Piecing Grid is a really fast, easy way to sew lots of small squares together.

We’ve used these panels in two new halloween quilts- Felix and Toil & Trouble.

We’ve made a quick tutorial to show you how this product is used in our patterns.

How To: Ten Sister’s Easy Piecing Grid

The Ten Sister’s Easy Piecing products can be found here (border panels, panels)

6 thoughts on “Ten Sister’s Easy Piecing Grid Tutorial

  1. Need help please. The Noel Tree Skirt has templates to be put together and used for preparing fabric. I cannot figure out what goes with what. It’s all quite confusing.

    1. Hi-

      The templates are included in the pattern. They may need to be taped together. There is a top piece and a bottom embroidered piece that are sewn together to make one “panel”- then the panels are sewn together. Will you email hello@meagsandme.com so we can help? Thank you!

  2. Great demo girls!! A couple of tips– after sewing the second seam, there is no clipping. Just press all seams in one direction! I also like to trim all the excess foundation right up to my fabric squares before sewing– it keeps everything nice and clean and makes pressing SO much easier! Thanks for sharing– Love your quilt!!

  3. I am struggling with the pinwheel blocks on the twitter quilt. I made the pinwheels 4 1/2 inches unfinished. When I add the B corners the block measures 5 inches and I cut a large piece of my pinwheels off when I square them to 4 1/2. HELP!!!!!!

  4. I’m having the same problem. I have never made a pinwheel with these instructions before and it’s confusing. If I cut the squares to be sewn together larger than 4″ and then sew them into a pinwheel, what should that portion square to prior to adding the corner triangles?

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