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mandala by meags and me
Retail: $18

This is a big 65″ x 65″ quilt that is made up of repeating applique shapes.

We know quilts like this can be hard to “eye” and appliquéing on a large piece of fabric is not easy- so this quilt, we’ve designed in large blocks, that are then pieced together, the last few appliqué pieces are appliquéd over the seams, so the finished quilt will appear as one large piece of fabric. We love doing large appliqué quilts like this!

We’ve created a rotating template, you’ll place your template down on a light box or table, and trace/applqiue one section/template at a time. There are pieces that will act as an “anchor”- line up your anchor points and trace/applique- then repeat!

Here’s a quick video showing you this technique:

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2 thoughts on “Mandala

  1. I have made Mandala and its going in the Sydney Quilt show this year. I did it all needle turn applique as I can’t sit at a machine due to back problems

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