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meags & me is a mother/daughter team based out of Utah. We started designing quilt patterns, over 10 years ago, mostly as an excuse to spend a little more time together, and spend a little more time in the fabric shops.

We love creating whimsical and fun designs and bringing them to life with appliqué and embroidery. You’ll often find us doodling away on napkins at restaurants,  or on the backside of various receipts. All our artwork is drawn by hand, then cleaned up and colorized digitally.

We aim to make our patterns as easy to understand as possible- by providing diagrams, quick at-a-glance sheets, including reversed templates, and finding new ways to simplify!

Our fabric collections are always designed with quilters in mind. We love small prints that work well with appliqué, color schemes that blend well, and fun quilt patterns that complement the fabric wonderfully!

We are always happy to answer any questions, and please contact us if you find a mistake, or if something is hard to understand. While we do everything we can to make our patterns mistake-free and easy, we’re only human.

Contact us at hello@meagsandme.com with any questions or comments- we love hearing from you!

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  1. I love the quilting on the Marigold quilt could you tell me the name of it and who the designer is. I would love to use it on one of mine Thank you

  2. I love your patterns and am working on Pinwheels and Birdies for our 12th great-grandchild but I’m having trouble with the measurements. Were there corrections to this pattern that I need to know about?

  3. Hello!
    I bought your pattern called Little Red
    And is missing some of the blocks – is there a way to get it?
    Thank you

  4. Hi there
    Just purchased your Frolic and Leafy Treetops patterns today – they are absolutely gorgeous.
    On the Back cover of the Frolic patter you have stated “1/84 Yard brown fabric for ‘bear’ should read “bunny”
    You may have already been informed, but I thought I would make sure ;you were aware

  5. I bought the veggie dish towels I’m confused there are no directions on how to apply the design to the dish towels are they iron on? I’d appreciate some help with this. Thank you, MaryBeth.

  6. I bought your Twitter pattern so cute, for a baby quilt. Now I have gotten to the birdies, well F birdie pattern trace off is not there. Not even the placement sheet like there is for the others. So the quilt shop Country Sampler in Omaha, is closed, where it was purchased from. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you

    1. I bought your pattern “Down on the Farm. As I was putting it together the half triangle blocks that there are 8 4 3/8” squares to be cut, I thought how will this fit with a 4 1/2” piece that it butts up to. When I got to that point it putting it together my impressions were right. The triangle square was too small. When I worked it out the triangle squares should have been cut to 4 7/8” squares. The quilt is working up so cute after I figured this out. Thank you

  7. I’m making blue skies for my granddaughter’s birthday and have found an error in the tree branch rectangle sizes the pattern says to cut two 8 x 4.25 rectangles and cut in half on diagonal and sew together to make a 8 x 4.25 square. It should be 8.5 x 4.5 cut in half. I’m sure you have caught this but I didn’t find a correction on your web site. Love your designs.

  8. Hello … bought the Twitter pattern from my local quilt shop but it is missing the A, B and top left quadrant of C birds. I’m sure I can place accordingly but wondered about the photo showing 6 birds but the pattern only including 5 (a-e) . Is one used 2x?

  9. Just bought Twitter and am missing Bird “F” pattern. Have A-E patterns. How do I get “F”. Thanks.

  10. I emailed you today. I bought Twitter and there is no Bird F in the pattern. Please send it. Thanks.

  11. I sent another email. The Bird F pages you sent are identical to Bird E (just labeled with different letters). Please email the pages with Bird F as shown on the pattern cover. Thanks.

  12. I bought your pattern, TWITTER. There are 6 birds but only a pattern for 5. I have A,B,C,D,and E. But I need bird “F”. Can you help me with this

  13. Hi Everyone,
    It was so nice meeting you at Quilt Market. My name is Jon Larson and I am the VP of sales & marketing for Clover Needlecraft Inc. for North America. We talked about our Wonder Fuse and I would like to send you some product. May I get a complete mailing address and phone number? My cell phone is 612-812-4506 if you would like to chat again.

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